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September 9, 2019

DIY Faux Cactus

By Corina Patterson

If you are as in love with the boho-chic trend as we are, then no doubt you love succulents! What if there was a way to get the look of bright green cacti without the worry of keeping them alive? In this blog, we will teach you how to make a faux cactus using fence post caps and a few pots from the Charlotte ReStore!

Thanks to our friend Sadie and her blog Sadie Seasongoods for creating these after a recent visit to our store!

First, let’s talk about materials. You’ll need the following:

  • Wood fence post caps
  • Clay, metal, or glass pots in various sizes
  • 1 can of spray primer (like Zinser 1-2-3 primer)
  • Spray paint in various shades of green (or other color!)
  • Floral or craft styrofoam
  • Pinto beans
  • Acrylic, craft, or paint pens for detailing your cactus
  • Artificial flowers
  • Small paint brush, cotton swabs, hot glue or super glue, and a cardboard box

Let’s get started!

  1. Grab your cardboard box and turn it upside down, then insert your fence post caps. Pro tip: Make sure you leave 3-5 inches between each post for painting.
  2. Once the posts are sturdy, grab your primer and cover each post and let stand until dry.
  3. Next, using short, sweeping bursts, cover each post with green spray paint. This is where you can be creative! Spray each one a different shade of green, or if you are feeling bold, use a bright color like pink! Allow paint to dry completely. Pro tip: For shiny cactus, use a glossy spray paint.

  1. Now that the cactus are dry, it’s time to detail with spines. Using your small paintbrush, simply draw a “v” and add another line in the middle of the “v.” Then using your cotton swab, dab a dot on the bottom of the “v.” Don’t be afraid to be creative with your spines!
  2. Once all your paint is dry, it’s time to “plant” your cactus. Place styrofoam down into one of your containers. Make sure it is snug, and then press your fence post cap down into the styrofoam. Pro tip: You may have to trim styrofoam for a more complete fit. One way to do this without the mess is to press and roll the foam on a hard surface. This compresses the foam, allowing it to take on a smaller shape.
  3. Now that your cactus is planted, it’s time to create the desert landscape. Using the pinto beans, fill your container enough to cover styrofoam and barely the bottom of fence post cap. Add glass beads or gems for extra sparkle!
  4. To create a blooming cactus, cut a bloom off of your artificial flowers and glue to the top (or side) of your cactus.

There you have it – your very own faux cactus made with everyday finds from the Charlotte ReStore! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Post your faux cactus project – use the hashtag #cltrestorediy when posting!

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