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February 7, 2020

Got Cabin Fever? Don’t Fight it; Invite it with the ReStore

By Corina Patterson

It’s February in Charlotte and you know what that means, snow. Well… sometimes.

As of this writing it’s 70 degrees, but hey, we’ll take it! However, once winter returns, you can bet there will be a few ice and snow days coming our way! Now is a great time to get ready for those home-bound days by creating a cozy atmosphere in your home – or as the Danish call it, hygge.

Hygge, pronounced Hyoo – guh, is a Danish concept that encompasses a feeling of contentment through enjoying the simple things in life. An essential part of Danish culture, hygge is a focal point of home décor and lifestyle within the home. Some key elements that help create a hyggelig (hygge-like) ambiance are soft fabrics, plush pillows, pastel colors and the warmth of a flame either from a candle or fireplace. It’s about creating an inviting space where you can snuggle up and simply relax.

There is nothing better than feeling warm, cozy and content on a snow day, right?

This month at the Charlotte ReStore, we are helping you make your home a little more hygge by featuring items in our stores that invoke all the cozy feels!

Here are three things to look for in the Charlotte ReStores that will help infuse hygge into your home:

  1. Cozy sofas, chairs & ottomans – Look for furniture that has soft upholstery like chenille, velvet or even the super-soft and luxurious fabric, mohair; particularly pieces with extra details like tufts or rolled arms. While those details are not traditionally a part of Danish design, tufts and rolled arms are extra comfy! Choose pieces that are in a neutral or pastel color palette. The Charlotte ReStore always has a wide variety of upholstered furniture in colors like gray, taupe, cream and fawn.
  2. Warm lighting – There is nothing more uninviting than a dark and cold room. An essential element of hygge is warmth. Create a feeling of warmth with ambient lighting by using table lamps with warm LED bulbs. Choose lamps with bases crafted from wood or antique bronze and select shades that are lined with gold to reflect the warm lighting. Ample use of candles is always a good way to create ambiance and if you have a fireplace, a crackling fire provides the ultimate feeling of warmth!
  3. Accessories – Add finishing touches to your hygge home by accessorizing with books, a tea or coffee service, a serving tray, blankets and throw pillows. Remember, keep things simple when choosing accessories, so stick to items made with wood or that have a rustic feel. Throw pillows and blankets should be soft and fluffy (think mohair pillows), and choose books with the book jacket removed.

Ready to bring hygge to your home? From velvety sofas and cushy chairs to fluffy pillows, lamps and even gas logs, fighting inviting cabin fever has never been more fun or affordable! Shop our four locations – Pineville, University, Wendover & Wilkinson – and start praying for snow days!

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