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March 3, 2020

Make it a ReStore Spring!

By Corina Patterson

Spring is right around the corner and at the Charlotte ReStores, we couldn’t be more excited for all the hustle and bustle that comes with more sunshine! Plants start blooming, animals are active, and the energy in the community feels more positive. Are you ready to say hello to spring and hello to pops of color? We definitely are!

A pop of color is the perfect way to bring the same feeling of the changing seasons into your home. Plus, it’s an easy way to make a change without committing to a bigger, more permanent project like repainting all of your walls. Nobody has enough free time to take that on! You can spice up any room with just one statement piece. It can even be something as small as a colorful table lamp, accent pillow, or vase!

At the Charlotte ReStores we have a variety of colorful items that will bring the color you crave into your home. With the inventory we have available to you this month, there’s no extra work required to stay on top of the season’s pop of color trend while you shop at the ReStore. You can find trendy home furnishings in almost every department of our stores and across every one of our locations! From dishes, picture frames, and pillows to dressers, tables, and couches, there’s no shortage of fun color-pop pieces to switch up a dull or outdated room.

With seven convenient locations across Charlotte, find the ReStore that is closest to you and start shopping for that pop of color for your home! Plus, make sure you go check out our social media page for a sneak peak of all of the items we have to offer for this spring!

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