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March 23, 2021

Decorating on a Budget: Shelfie Style

By Sarah Ramberg

Hi, fellow Charlotte Region ReStore shoppers, it’s Sarah of again. Today, I wanted to talk about decorating your home and/or building collections with the help of Habitat Charlotte Region ReStore!

If home décor intimidates you or if you’re like me and have a constantly evolving style, then thrifting for your home is truly the best solution. There is an endless supply of home accessories that are both high-quality and budget friendly. I recently spent some time at two of the Charlotte Region ReStores (Wendover and Pineville) to look for some home décor inspiration and wanted to share that with you!

Decor with an Indian Flair

Stylishly Eclectic Decorating on a Budget

Just like clothing and hairstyles, home décor styles sizzle and fizzle all the time. From neutral farmhouse to colorful boho, from minimalist to maximalist, the trend pendulum is always swinging.

Which makes it pricey and unsustainable to try and keep up.

I thought it might be fun to gather housewares from each Charlotte Region ReStore into themed vignettes. The challenge (and reward) was to piece together looks that were strictly from the store shelves. I purposefully stayed away from more mainstream trends, creating vignettes that would fit within a variety of homes.

Passport Abroad

I was inspired by some framed fabric prints for this collection. The colors were Earthy and golden, and it was fun to daydream about traveling abroad. I looked for any pieces that felt exotic or globally inspired: brass, copper, stone, and a touch of cascading greenery. For this look, texture was just as important as warm colors to keep it interesting and inviting.

Lowcountry Look

Lowcountry Living

Road trips to the coast aren’t uncommon for us landlocked folks, are they? And coastal-inspired décor is an easy way to instantly feel the cool and calming style of the beach. If you look hard enough, ocean-inspired décor is a breeze at the ReStores. I gathered a seaside-inspired print from the artwork section, some green and blue glassware, and a brass seashell lamp that ALMOST went home with me.

Leather Chair and Book Nook

Classic Cozy Corner

Some décor is timeless, and that, too, can be found at the ReStore! A cozy leather chair to curl up in with a good book and a cup of tea? Sounds like the perfect way and place to unplug for a while. And Julia’s Café (attached to the Wendover ReStore) is PRIME hunting grounds for books to use as décor, no matter your style preference.

Collections and the Thrill of the Hunt

Another way to style your home is with unique collections. And let me tell you, the Charlotte Region ReStores are FULL in inspiration for starting your own collection.

Social media is full of “shelfies”, or photos of shelves and hutches that showcase collections. From quirky salt & pepper shakers, curvy teapots, and Lenox candy dishes to brass (or other metal) animal figurines– the thrill of the hunt is half the fun!

Personally, I have a weakness for colorful glass. Pitchers, vases, bottles- in every color of the rainbow. It’s such an inexpensive way to brighten a room, especially in apartments or rentals with white walls that you can’t paint!

Collecting vintage pieces is also popular, especially with granny chic and “grandmillennial” styles coming into fashion. And nothing beats the feeling when you find that “Made in England” or “Made in Japan” stamp on the bottom!

That’s what I love about décor shopping at the Charlotte Region ReStores. You can fill your home with hand-picked, unique pieces that no one else has.

Rainbow glassware
Cottage Glassware Ceramics

ReStore Your Décor!

So, tell us- what kind of décor or collections do you look for when shopping at one of the Charlotte Region ReStores? Or better yet, show us! Take a snap and tag us ( @cltregionrestore and @sadieseasongoods ) with the hashtag #ReStoreDecor!

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