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September 16, 2020

DIY Football Stadium Basket

By Corina Patterson

We are so excited to welcome Sarah from the Sadie Seasongoods blog to our DIY team! We have gained so much inspiration from her blog over the last year, we decided to partner with her for a series of guest-blogs! So without further ado, meet Sarah!

Hey, everyone! I’m Sarah, the upcycling blogger who runs I recently relocated to Charlotte, NC and am SO excited to now call it home. Even better, I’ll be creating a new upcycling project with Charlotte Region ReStore for you each month.

To kick-off September and football season (puns!), I created a stadium-inspired snack basket for all your virtual and/or driveway tailgating needs. Individual bags of snacks are a great way to munch safely while you watch the game, and it might be the cutest miniature stadium ever! Who needs a PSL when you can have your own stadium, am I right?

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own stadium:

  • Large oval (or rectangle) basket with sloped sides (Think stadium-shaped!)
  • Spray paint for the exterior (I used silver for Bank of America Stadium)
  • Paint and paint brush for the interior sides (I used “Carolina Blue” by Glidden)
  • Green felt (large enough to cover the bottom of your basket)
  • Scissors
  • White paper, card stock, or label paper
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Alternative options: computer printer if you print out the football field yard lines, or fabric paint to paint on the felt
  • Spray adhesive

Safety first!

Make sure you have a safe, well-ventilated space to spray paint your basket (I always spray paint outside). If you cut out the football field yard lines (like I did), take great care when using the craft knife.

Here’s how to make your own Virtual Tailgating Snack Basket:

  • First, select a large oval or rectangle basket when sides that slope inwards, like stadium seating.
    The Charlotte Region ReStores have a great selection of baskets!
  • Next, set up a ventilated area to spray paint the exterior of the basket. You can honestly do the entire thing- as long as the exterior matches the walls of your stadium! Allow spray paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Paint the interior sides (I chose Carolina Blue…obviously!).
    Pro-tip: use as little paint as possible for this, just a scant amount on the tips of your brush. Otherwise, the paint could drip through the basket weave and be visible on the outside. Allow paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Place a long piece of green felt inside your basket and determine shape and size you need. Trim to fit the bottom of your basket with scissors.

  • Now it’s time to add the yard lines to your felt “football field”. I traced out a design on white label paper using a pencil, ruler, and craft knife to cut it out. But, you could also print one out on your computer or try your hand at fabric paint.
  • Once I had carefully cut out the paper yard lines, I sprayed the back of it with spray adhesive and pressed it onto my felt.
  • Then, I simply placed the felt back inside the basket so that it was ready to be filled with bags of chips and other wrapped snacks! Further customize your “stadium” with a mascot on the 50-yard line, goalposts and team name in the end-zone!


Happy Tailgating and Keep Pounding!

Now you’re all set to enjoy the game at home with your personal football stadium – no PSL needed!
Are you feeling this DIY for virtual or driveway tailgating? With 7 locations in the Charlotte Region, the ReStores have treasures around every corner waiting to become a football stadium! We would love to see your creations! Take a snap and tag us @cltregionrestore and @sadieseasongoods  with the #ReStoreTailgateDIY !

Thank you so much for reading through my first project for Charlotte Region Restore– I hope you love it as much I do! Stay-tuned for next month’s project!




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