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October 21, 2021

Get Guest-Ready with the ReStore!

By Sarah Ramberg

Hi, fellow Charlotte Region ReStore shoppers, it’s Sarah of again. We’re taking a quick break from my typical upcycling projects to chat about the upcoming holidays.
We’re all looking forward to welcoming family and friends into our homes this year and we know that you want your space to be warm and inviting. The Charlotte Region ReStores are filled with gorgeous items that can help you prepare your home for visiting guests and all of it is available immediately – NO supply chain issues here!

The past couple of years have seen a LOT of changes to everyday life, haven’t they? Perhaps you’ve overhauled your home already and you’re ahead of the game! But if you’re like me, then guest rooms have evolved into home offices or catch-all rooms that are like big junk drawers. Which means that there’s no better time than now to get those rooms in order before the end-of-year holidays arrive.


Cherry Cabinets

Larger Scale Upgrades and Renovations

Now, you may be thinking, “But there’s not enough time for any large-scale improvements!”. But with a little planning and teamwork, a dedicated weekend can become a real game-changer. And remember, what you find at one of the Charlotte Region ReStores is available to take home THAT DAY! No ordering or shipping delays to factor in.


Cabinets are a ReStore staple- at all of our stores. In particular, I see a LOT of them at the Pineville, Wendover, and Wilkinson stores. And a lot of them are very contemporary and on-trend!

But if a full-scale kitchen renovation isn’t an option for you, don’t forget that cabinets can be installed elsewhere. Extra cabinets in the garage or basement (if you have one) are IDEAL for stowing away clutter before guests arrive.


flooring options

Countertops and Vanities

If your Formica countertops aren’t working for you anymore, then ReStore is a great place to look for affordable granite, marble, and quartz options. I can’t help but ooh and ahh, when I see ReStore employees wheeling them out!

But on a smaller scale, a fresh new vanity for the guest bath might be another upgrade option for you. Our Mooresville ReStore always has a ton of gorgeous vanities in stock! And if the vanity cabinetry isn’t the right color, painting them is a quick and simply fix.

But, the easiest guest bath upgrade from Habitat CLT Region ReStores? KNOBS AND DRAWER PULLS! Chic new hardware on your existing vanity takes just minutes to replace and can pack quite the decorative punch for just a few dollars.


If the carpet in your guest room has seen better days, then a trip to one of our ReStores is DEFINITELY in order. Especially since so many modern flooring options (such as vinyl planks) look great AND are easy to install in a weekend.

Don’t forget to check out this vinyl flooring installation video on our YouTube channel, too! And all of our Charlotte Region ReStores have rugs and runners available, as well.


end tables

Guest Room Furnishings

If upgrading fixtures and flooring isn’t something you want or need to do, let’s talk about furniture! All of our Charlotte Region ReStores are full of options to help you outfit your guest rooms in a welcoming and multi-functional way.

Small Tables

Small tables- of the bedside, end, and accent varieties- are a common sight at our ReStores, too. Especially if you’re in need of just a single table instead of a matching pair. For your guest space, a small table is ideal for holding a larger suitcase or even just a catch-all space for purses, wallets, keys, and other personal belongings.

If the guest room closet is acting as storage for your own “stuff” and your guests are staying for longer than a weekend, try using an old entertainment center or TV armoire for storage! They are spacious, plentiful around here and often a wallet-friendly alternative to a traditional dresser or highboy.




Desks and Chairs

Let’s face it- a LOT of us bring our laptops with us on vacation. It’s just part of modern-day life, even during our personal time. Which means that a desk and chair, even a small one, is an appreciated touch for many guests who may want to catch up on emails or scroll the internet during their down time.

Personal Touches for Guest-Friendly Style

Now that we’ve tackled room makeovers and furniture upgrades, let’s talk about the easiest and most budget-friendly option: home décor!

Fresh flowers (or even the artificial kind) are a simple way to amp up the brightness and cozy feel in your guest room. And a trip to any of our ReStores will yield all sorts of glass vases that you can use! I especially recommend the Cornelius and Wendover stores for the largest selection of vases that I’ve seen.


A selection of books is another easy and inexpensive way to encourage your guests to unwind and relax while they’re visiting. Habitat Charlotte Region’s own Julia’s Café & Books is my go-to bookstore here in Charlotte- and the perfect spot to find plenty of good reads for your guests.

And if you want to use books as décor, Julia’s selection of vintage and rare books is truly second-to-none. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ll see me perusing them on any given day!

Welcome Basket

Speaking of books, that brings me to a sweet little “project” idea for your guests- a welcome basket! I found the basket at the Cornelius store (which I spray painted), books at Julia’s, and a mug from the Pineville store. With a few snacks and a welcome note (think WiFi password, gate codes, phone numbers, etc.), my guests are all set for a lovely stay!

Welcome to Our ReStored Home!

So, tell us- will you be shopping at one of the Charlotte Region ReStores to prep for holiday guests? Or better yet, show us your upgrades! Take a snap and tag us (@cltregionrestore and @sadieseasongoods) with the hashtag #ReStoreGuestPrep !

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